Monday, January 5, 2009

Beauty major

Getting tips and tricks with Betty Luong, 6th quarter BIMM

FL: What advice would you give a student who is looking into the Beauty Industry Merchandise Marketing program at FIDM?
BL: Be ready for a lot of homework and projects... especially group projects.

FL: What did you do your Entrance project on?
BL: Frangrances.

FL: What are the classes like?
BL: My classes are all interesting, but we take a lot of the same classes as the Merchandise Marketing majors because we do need to understand our retail system and the target market in this industry.

FL: Any favorites?
BL: I've taken some very interesting classes where we learn about SPA, beauty products, health care, nutrition, ingredients, and so forth, but my favorite one was when our teacher taught us how to make home-made organic beauty face cream.

FL: Any last comment?

BL: The cool thing about this major is getting free beauty products and free make-up! When we have presentations, people always bring in great products to give away.



Anonymous Alyssa said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Reading this makes me even more excited to get to FIDM. This is the first time I've heard a student's perspective about the program. Free beauty products!? YAY!!!

January 5, 2009 at 9:01 PM  

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