Thursday, January 22, 2009

if you could change one thing about FIDM...

"the equalness in grading - i see students walking out with work that is equivalent to a C but are recieving A's while other students who has a higher-quality work gets a lower grade because the teacher is a tough grader. i find that unfair when some students are working harder and some are not, but still getting a better grade. there's an obvious distinction in the work - teachers and instructors need to follow the same guidelines and collaborate with each other on what is A quality, what is B, and so forth...." -- Michelle S. (Fashion Design, 2nd Quarter)

"certain staff member at FIDM are very unprofessional. that needs to change." -- Carlos B. (Fashion Design, PD)

"the tuition, prices for supplies, and people that work at the student store needs to be a lot nicer." --Megan W. (Fashion Design, 2nd Quarter)

"everything." -- Courtney K. (Digital Media, 2nd Quarter)

"this is my second to last quarter... what have i learned?" --Kayla V. (Visual Communication, 5th Quarter)

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