Thursday, February 5, 2009

How I got screwed over by FIDM

[story as told by Courtney Kraus]

FIDM is possibly the worst school in the entire u s and a.

I began at FIDM this past fall as a fashion student thinking that it was going to be amazing just like my "advisor" told me. WRONG. I quickly realized that a majority of the girls that attend this school were not here for the right reasons. I came out here to study fashion because I wanted a career in a field that i was interested in. The girls out here are here purely because they want to live the hills lifestyle. This was extremely discouraging.

Then once i started, i quickly realized that there were many problems that i was not aware of. The school expects you to know everything about the way finacing here works on your own and if you try and figure it out and ask questions EVERYONE is outrageously rude to you. They make you feel like you are an alien and you are retarded for not knowing things that were not brought to your attention. FIDM FINANCING IS THE MOST IGNORANT DEPARTMENT AT FIDM.

When i moved into FIDM housing i thought wow, this is gorgeous it must be nice. WRONG. After hearing from people that also live in downtown la, that they were paying WAYYYYY less than i was i was getting irratated. But, i thought whatever atleast i have a place to live. Come time for registering for housing for the next quarter the housing department of course had to make things extremely difficult. My roommate and i requested to live in the same unit with different roommates cause both her and i are from out of state so it would be an extreme inconvience. They said we were taking advantage of them for asking for this and make a huge scene...... WOWOWOWWOWOWOWO

We eventually just said whatever and did what they said. We were moved to a different unit with girl we throught were okay....

[to be continued...]

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