Tuesday, February 24, 2009

just an average student

for someone who is incredibly talented, deeply passionate about costume design, and undoubtly eccentric about life, she is sure good at ticking her intructors off. vanessa* is one of my very good friends at fidm is one of the most hardworking gal i know--but she doesn't like to follow the rules. she doesn't neccessarily break them, but she makes them up entirely her own. i saw a project she turned in that was completely off-assignment, but she did a fantastic job that it took my breath away.

as teachers mark her down because she continues to go her own way, i watch from afar, feeling worried, but more than anything, feeling inspired. here is someone who refuses to give in and conform. i find that to be brilliant all in her own way. some of the most influential people in the world had to stand out in some way or another. einstein was only a C-average student, but who else could've come up with funky formulas like e=mc2? donna karan failed draping in college but she's now the queen of draping on the runway. nicolas ghesquiere is no ordinary designer for balenciaga. go check out his craziness. and how about the king of couture, mr. john galliano? he makes sure he puts on a show at dior.

i learned from my friend that it's not always about following the rules. sometimes breaking the rules will make things more interesting and exciting. we don't all have to follow the "norm". i look up to people that continue to make us think, take us to new places, and keep us in awe. so in the same way i admire the geniuses and extraordinaires of fashion, i admire my friend, vanessa*.

[*name has been changed for privacy purposes]



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