Saturday, March 21, 2009

the end of finals.

in the midst of crazy deadlines, los angeles fashion week, class presentations, and final exams, my average hours of sleep were between 2-4 hours per night from the past two weeks. there were a couple of nights where all i can afford was a power nap. if there's anything i picked up and adapted as a college student, it's two thing: procrastination and multi-tasking.

because classes at fidm meets only once a week, i tend put all my assignments off until the last minute (or the night before). that, my friend, is not a good habit. so because of my procrastination, i've become quite a professional at multitasking. one afternoon while i was at work, i had flashcards in one pocket to study for my color and design exam and my speech sheet in my other pocket so to rehearse for my trend analysis presentation. my manager kept giving me weird looks because i kept talking to myself the whole day.

just this past monday, i ran out of work during my lunch break to go to LACMA because i waited until the last minute to write my museum paper. there i was, in the car with my friend megan, typing up my paper on her laptop as she was driving. i got my piece of artwork, finished my board, and even picked up lunch on the way--barely making it to class on time. but i got it done.

so friday comes around and my sleep deprivation is starting to kick in. i have one more major exam left: merchandisng math. of course, the night before i finally begin to study for the test. little did i know, the exam was cumilative and it will cover everything i learned 9 weeks ago. so there i was again, pulling an all-nighter on a thursday night. i finished my studies, took a short power nap around 5am and got ready for 8:30am class.

as my instructor passes out the exams, i sat there praying. not so much for the test to be easy, but for fidm's fire alarm to go off so we can all freak out, go outside, and the exam can be postponed. the alarm never went off. so i sat there, half asleep, stumbling through most of the problems. then i realize... after this final, my second quarter at fidm is over. i took my test... 3 hours later, i walked out of there more nervous than i was when i walked in. that math test was a lot more challenging than i thought. i think i screwed this one big time. there goes my all-night studying.

so here's the moral of the story: DON'T PROCRASTINATE!


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