Monday, March 30, 2009

...on roommates.

before i came to fidm, one of the many things i worried about was finding a decent roommate. all summer long, i was on a mission to find the perfect match. that's just the thing: college roommates can make or break your college experience so i was serious about it. when i found a roommate that shared the same interests i had, i thought the worst was over. we had great conversations, we connected, we got along well. whew! i dodge another one, i though.

ahhh...not quite. after living with each other for the past 3 months, i've discovered that this girl doesn't know how to pick after herself. she claimed she's "clean"... but she doesn't clean! i don't even think she knows what a broom or a vacuum is! seriously? seriously. listen honey, the trash ain't gonna take itself out. and that plate that you just finished eating your pasta on... ain't gonna wash itself. dang, i feel like i'm living with a boy or something. grow up woman... i am not your maid!

- annoyed fidm roommate

p.s. buy your own toilet paper!

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