Thursday, June 4, 2009

rich and powerful

The strongest power has no need to show itself or to prove itself. It is quiet, calm, determined and unshakable.

Boastfulness is the surest sign of weakness and insecurity. True confidence has no need to speak of itself.

Authentic richness is endlessly generous. Anyone who has the need to appear rich suffers from a terribly painful poverty of the spirit.

How do you fill your life with richness and power? Honestly be yourself, and give freely of yourself.

Give up the fantasy of gaining benefit over others, for even if you could get it you would receive no real value from it. Instead, make it your business to promote, encourage, raise up, love and appreciate others at every opportunity.

Pretending to be rich and powerful is agonizing work that incessantly erodes your spirit. Being truly rich and powerful fulfills your deepest longings and brings you fully to life.

-- Ralph Marston (The Daily Motivator)



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