Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yotam Solomon Brings Sexy Back

It was one of the most anticipated shows at Box Eight Fashion Week. FIDM graduate, Yotam Solomon premiered an exceptional show for his Fall/Winter 2009 runway extravaganza on March 15, 2009 at the Los Angeles Theatre in downtown.

Inspired by the natural environment and the deep ocean, Solomon incorporates both marine and coral enthused shapes and colors in all his clothing. “Many people don’t think of our stunning ocean and seashore when they first think about Los Angeles,” said Solomon. “Yet, we have beautiful beaches and an amazing marine environment—and I wanted to include that in this season.”

Opening the show with a black mini-dress draped over with a sky-blue shawl, followed by a series of classic-cut silhouettes with overstated add-on’s, the entire collection stayed true to Solomon’s signature style of very fitted, body-conscious cocktail dresses with the environment theme in mind. His take in putting sensuality into fashion is displayed with higher hemlines, dramatic décolletage, and body-hugging clothes that do nothing to ignore the woman under them.

There is a sense of minimalism in his collection but the simplicity is broken with complements of unique attachments and elaborations. The embellished panels, the cut-out sleeves, the asymmetrical collars, the shoulder straps, and the full tulip skirt are only some examples of Solomon’s incomparable take on modern-day inspirations. Some standout pieces include the fitted beige mini dress with a cage-like overlaying skirt and the cocktail dress with contrasting front and back bodice and slash-down sleeves.

Working with fabrics like silk and cotton, Solomon conceptualize elements of technology and fashion that are based on conservation of the natural environment. As each ensemble was sent down the runway, the theme of nature and water played a key role in not only the color scheme, but the construction of each garment. From the bold cerulean and oceanic hues representing the deep sea, to the dark tan and deep black representing the rocks and land, the audience was enthralled by each exciting piece from beginning to end.

Mixing minimalism with provocative femininity, Yotam Solomon’s Ocean Collection for Fall/Winter 2009 puts optimism back into fashion without apologizing for it. And in times like these, sometimes a little dose of that optimistic spirit is just what we all need. I applaud Yotam Solomon and I look forward to many future collections from this pioneering FIDM Alum.

For more information on this designer, check out his official website at

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