Saturday, February 8, 2014

The newest way to get involved in the industry!

Introducing 1st Class Fashion! I am excited to tell you about this new website I recently came across because it is super fun, the idea is new and fresh, and it is the real deal! Before I get into what I mean by that let me give you a quick overview on the company, but I'll let you head over there and check it out in full so you can see for yourself ;)

In short, users upload pictures of themselves to their profile of what they are wearing that day, their friends and other users of the site view and vote on favorite looks by "liking" the photo, and if a user receives 300 or more likes in a month-long period they win a first class plane ticket to anywhere in the world. Pretty awesome right? To me it combines all of the key aspects of a successful fashion company; fun and exciting, interactive, social, and of course- glamorous! (Australia? 1st class?? Sign me up!)

Take it from Collins Ezeuka, Founder and CEO of 1st Class Fashion, in his own words, "We are creating a global fashion platform...that illustrates the nuance of fashion...while simultaneously leveling the playing field in the fashion industry...and sending fashion savvy individuals across the globe. "

And now on the "real deal" stuff I was talking about earlier. It's easy to assume that something like this sounds too easy and too good to be true. Check out this video of the first ever winner on the site: and here's the section where you can check out some current users and see the action as it's happening now: photos: 

I'm kinda looking forward to watching the evolution of this site, I think it has some real potential. Ok now go FIDM students, go create your own profile on 1st Class Fashion, and show everyone how it's done! We are fashion students....this site is perfect for us. We can get 300 "likes" in 5 minutes.  


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