Saturday, February 28, 2009

...on visitors.

fidm is like a live museum. visitors from all over the country schedule tours to see the school and as students are studying at the library, working at the annex, or just mingling around on campus... the visitors stare and point like we're some kind of rare animal living in our natural habitat.

'preview day' for prospective high school students last thursday was the craziest. i thought the circus came to town. i walked by the fidm store and people were flooding out the door. i didn't even get in the door at the fidm cafe to get my morning bagel. i barely made it to class on time because the elevators were packed with little people. i'm glad fidm puts on these events, but c' it when it's not rush hour. we're busy students. get out of our way, we have things to do. i'm known for throwing tomatoes ... these kids were lucky they got by me without some coming their way.

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