Monday, August 24, 2009

One year down...

Today marks one whole year since I moved to Los Angeles. I can’t believe it. Maybe it’s the double shot espresso I had in my coffee this morning, but the last few months went by so fast, I can’t help but feel like I’ve skipped out on some things… Has it seriously been a year? Halloween, check. Thanksgiving, check. Christmas, check. New Year’s, check. Okay… I remember going through the Holidays, vaguely, but there must be more. I turned 22? When did that happen? Why has everything become such a blur? Maybe it’s the hectic schedule of juggling five classes a quarter and a part-time job, maybe it’s the constant stress of too much to do and so little time, maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, or maybe it’s, again, that coffee kicking in making my mind move a mile a minute. Whatever it is – this year shows no sign of slowing down. Before I can catch my breath, I’ll be walking down to Staples Center to get my diploma from FIDM. Then what? One year down, one more to go… Life at FIDM in this super fast-paced Los Angeles keeps throwing me into a complete whirlwind. So, with my priorities still intact, I plan on making this year worthwhile. Not saying that events need to be life-changing, but I cannot let another year go by with no real, remarkable fulfillment.

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Anonymous Lizzie said...

hi i have a couple of questions, hopefully you can answer them!

did you go through the fidm student housing program or did you do independent housing?
how did you like it? roommate? and do you know which one is cheaper?

what did you study? i'm plannin on doing merchandise marketing, at one point i want to do international since i know three languages going on four! what do you think?

i've heard a lot that its better and cheaper if you go to a cc and get your GED out of the way, is this true?

finally and mos importantly how do you like fidm so far!? haha

ps. soo sorry about all the questions, dont feel obligated to answer all of them (; i just feel so indecisive about fidm right now and want to know that i will make the right choice, i still have a year (junior in hs). Anywys thanks a ton in advance!!

June 10, 2010 at 3:38 AM  

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