Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the school that never sleeps

5:47pm, the elevator door opens and out pour the mass of hungry, tired, and stressed-out FIDM students juggling their days worth of supplies and tumbling through the crowd to get home. I have to admit, I feel for them. I decided to take this quarter off, a long and overdue break from the last 3 quarters of non-stop schooling, but I know exactly how they feel. And as I reminisce and relate back to those frenzied, chaotic, and hectic days of a full-time fashion student, I am so relieved to be free from it … at least for now.
Even while not in school, here I am on campus, trying to sneak my way up to the career center to talk to someone about finding a job. As I walked through the hallway on the 2nd floor, there’s such a vacant and deserted feeling—most workers and employees have gone home, the lights are dimmer, and you could hear the clacking of my heels in the entire lobby area. Ghost-town. The Career Center was, of course, the very last office in the back; coincidentally their office hours run until 7:30 at night, but with my luck, I find out that all the advisors have gone home. Great. The nice lady at the front desk helped set up an appointment with a Product Development career advisor whose name I can’t pronounce. I made sure it was an early appointment so I won’t have to walk through ghost-town again.
As I make my way to the Library on the 3rd floor, I noticed the amount of students still strolling around the in hallways. Some are going to their night class... most are staying late on campus to finish work in the design labs. As hard as it is to admit, I admire the kids here. FIDM students are one of a kind, like no other college students. This is The FIDM Life. You'll see what I mean.

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