Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reliable focus

Staying focused is a matter of reminding yourself. Can you find a way to remind yourself, again and again, of why you're doing what you do? Sure you can. There are plenty of ways to direct your attention back to your purpose when you feel it wandering off. The more intensely you can feel that purpose, and the more quickly you can call up that feeling, the more successfully you'll be able to stay focused. So do yourself a favor, and practice. Spend some quiet time, away from the distractions, and enjoy truly feeling the substance of your most treasured desires. As you do, make note of precisely how it feels, to you, to be connected in a positive way with those desires. Feel yourself living and experiencing the richness of life that will come from the fulfillment of your desires. Make that reason, that purpose, a palpable part of who you are. Then, when you return to the world of confusion and distraction, choose to call up those positive feelings. When you wish to improve your focus, learn to be the one who can reliably deliver it.

-- Ralph Marston

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