Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Quarter 2010

Hello my fellow FIDM Blogspot readers! I hope you all had a great end of the 2010 year, holiday and new year! Cheers to 2011!

Many of us have resolutions and there are those that we do accomplish and those that we do not. I, however, have made this blog one of my resolutions. I hope to publish at least 1 post a week so here's to my first post!

I am actually siting in the FIDM (LA) Library typing this right now! :)

Today was "my first day at school" again. I took 2 quarters off so it's kind of bizarre and new to be back again. I see a lot of new faces. Many of my fellow classmates+friends graduated last summer. I was suppose to but I came across an opportunity that needed me to take a break. I have 3 classes left and will be graduating this summer. You bet I'm excited!

So this quarter, it's Winter 2010, I am taking "Textile Application & Color Management". I'm a Merchandise Product Development major so a part of our program is to go through a series of "Fabric Idenfication" classes. These classes involve identifying endless fabrics, learning what the fabric is made of, what are the uses are the fabric, and more. This class is the 3rd level/stage and today which was the first day of class, dyed a piece of silk in different color dyes. Basically, we're suppose to make the entire color wheel out of the fabric and dyes. We were given red, yellow, and blue to make the entire color wheel. Class went by fairly quickly but I know that will most certainly begin to change next week, lol.

Good luck to all my current FIDM class mates and cheers to a successful quarter! As for my readers, here's to my resolution of having a post(s) for you every week!

Random photos time!

My "healthy" lunch.
The strawberry, raspberry, and blueberries yogurt parfait actually tastes REALLY good from The FIDM Cafe! Much better than McDonalds, lol! And it comes with a lot of granola if you're a granola lover like me!

And as I was leaving the library I came across this BEAUTIFUL roller backpack!
I love it!!! Where can I get one anonymous person who I took a photo of your backpack?!

Xo, Anna

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