Monday, March 2, 2009

Debut Recap!

My favorites from Friday Night's Fashion Debut...

* Jonathan's collection - the black, the white. I loved the lace dress and leather jacket ensemble.

* Mike's collection was the most shocking, yet innovative.

* Charles' collection reminds me so much of rick owens - very dark, gothy, and edgy - which i love.

* Lacey had an amazing 50-inspired collection. i adored the colors she used: burgundy, beigh, tan, and black

* Adrian - "little girl raging her grandma's closet, love love love love.... what a fabulous theme.

* Clay... oh to speak of extravagance, a collection of pure evening gowns. just when i thought his dress couldn't get any bigger or have any more ruffles, the finale gown appears behind the sliding door and out comes the biggest, most gorgeous dress of all. what a way to end a show.


until next time, XOXO....



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