Tuesday, March 31, 2009

housewives recap.

tuesday night, real housewives of new york is back.
you should've seen kelly and bethany going at it. to say that there's major drama... would be an understatement.

K asked B to meet her at a bar, and when K showed up half an hour late, all hell broke loose. it was a trainwreck, and so high school. but i couldn't stop watching. i was hoping to see someone throw the first punch.... or get b%#&* slapped.

then mario and ramona went at it with simon and alex. i stopped listening, it was nonsense.

fyi: ramona graduated from FIT and was a buyer for macy's, calvin klein, and french connection! i have to admit, because i'm looking towards that same career path, i was quite impressed with crazy lady. but i'm more impressed to hear that kelly went to columbia university! kudos.
where was LuAnn??

some memorable quotes:
"Who is she?" "Evidently she's madonna." - Bethany
"Put a brar on" - Jill
"We're not friends! You're here and I'm here." - Kelly
"I'm not famous enough for you to pay attention to." - Bethany
"Take your little toys and go home. Your 15 seconds of fame is over." - Mario
"Wayne! What are you shaking his hand for? Kick his ass!" - Jill

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