Tuesday, April 21, 2009

leap of faith

when i decided to attend fidm, i put a lot at stake. because i had spent 2 years at another college, this detour could mean the biggest mistake of my life... or it could mean the best.

when it came down to it... it was all up to me. i could back away now or i can take that leap. despite my family's disapproval, i made the decision on my own. i chose fidm.

as college students, we don't always know what we want. but that's the beauty of being in school, especially a school like fidm. it's the discovery of deep passion i didn't know i had that keeps me going. some days we know exactly what we want, some days we wonder what we're fighting for.

the adventures at fidm at times has brought me the greatest joy and other times, the greatest frustration, but i learn something new each day... about myself, where i want to go... and who i eventually want to be.

it isn't always easy. actually, life at fidm can be very hard. but it's all up to YOU. only you know what's best for YOU. how will you get through it? are you willing to take risks? are you willing to work hard? are you ready for this?

then jump.
take it.
take that leap of faith.

even if you fall, and i'm not saying you won't. you will--probably a few times. but you'll have to pick yourself right back up.


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