Monday, April 6, 2009

Life at FIDM

When I first requested to see FIDM, I was still unsure if it was the school for me. Because I love to create things and express my ideas through art, I wanted to go to school that will teach, enhance, and open doors for me in this industry. At FIDM, I immediately knew that I belonged there. But since I’ve been accepted, there is one particular pet-peeve that never seems to go away: everyone keeps asking me if I am only attending FIDM because of MTV’s “THE HILLS”.

I hate to break it to you, but FIDM is not what it is on ‘The Hills’. There’s more to FIDM life than boys and night clubs and underage drinking. Life as a fashion design student is stressful and challenging—to say the least. All classes meet only once a week, but dare miss one and you’re screwed. The amount of material we get each week is intense.

My major is FASHION DESIGN and my first quarter I took 4 classes, going to school 3 days a week. With the immense sum of hours spent in labs for sketching, sewing, and studying outside of class, social life is almost impossible. But so far, the challenge is to find that balance.

Personally, I have created some great friendships along the way. Though we just met, these people I know will always back me. We stay up all night even if we don’t have to do homework. Okay I lied, I always fall asleep before everyone—but besides the fact, I love hanging out with those who share the same passions I have.
One more thing, I just lost the scholarship contest I wanted so badly but hey it’s the business. All that means is that I have to step up my game and really do my research. Well that’s all for now. Hopefully I have convinced some of you bloggers to really look into FIDM and create your own stories. I will be back to type again.... when finals are all over.

God Bless,
Megan Nicole Willerford

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