Monday, January 18, 2010

You know you go to FIDM...

(I didn't write this. Saw it on the FIDM facebook and thought it was funny. Had to edit some. Enjoy!)

...when everyday is a fashion show.

...when your teachers cell phone rings more then yours & 90% of the time, they come to class later than you

...when you don't even bother checking out the guys that pass you because you already assume they're gay

...when the security guys think they are FBI agents.

...when every other girl has a Louis Vuitton, a Chanel, or a Marc Jacobs bag

...when people who don't go to FIDM ask you about the show "THE HILLS" or about L.C. and you have nothing but negative comments about her and the show

...when the people at Ralphs, Fashion Cafe, or Coffee Bean knows you because you're such a regular.

...when you've gone 24 hours (or more) without sleep because you were sewing.

...when all the USC guys love you because you go to FIDM.

...when you've experienced waiting for a computer at the annex during finals week.

...when half your class has dropped out by their 3rd quarter.

...when there is a cat fight to get into the elevators.

...when half of your friends are gays.

...when you go to the bean bags in the library for naps.

[more to be added later]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

pretty helpful!

August 6, 2010 at 5:10 PM  

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