Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Question of the Day: Product Development

I'm starting this summer and majoring in Product Development. I'm from a really small town and I'm incredibly nervous about making the change to a big city. Can you tell me your views about the Product Development major?

--Tobie from South Dakota

Dear Tobie,

Product Development is a special major to me. I'm a Merchandise Marketing student right now and I give PD majors huge props because FIDM's product development program consists of fashion design classes and merchandise marketing you're getting both the creative side and business side of fashion. I'm no pro at what this major is all about but from what I've heard, you'll learn how to sew, sketch, make cost sheets, and you'll take about 3 textile science courses--in addition to other hands-on classes. You'll also learn selling techniques and how to work excel and produce 6-month plans and purchase orders forms. Quite frankly, product development majors are pretty well-rounded compared to the other very-specialized majors. And at the end of your two year program, you can apply for IMPD, International Manufacturing & Product Development, a highly selective 3rd year Advanced Study program--where students travel to key parts of the world to learn and experience the industry firsthand. It's all part of preparing us for the exciting careers after FIDM.

As for the big city, it will be a huge adjustment. So be ready. But because FIDM is so small, you’ll make friends and feel at home in no time. Good luck!


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