Thursday, January 20, 2011

Intensity & Value Scale (Day 2)

Second day of class today. Second week of this quarter today. I wake up and dread the traffic down to Downtown LA and walk into class moody thinking it'll take forever for the next 3 hours to go by but before you know it, you're all caught up in mixing color dyes and wrapping the pieces of silk in plastic food wrap that you wish you had an extra 3 hours to finish up your second assignment. Geezus!

Textile and Color Management, this class literally goes by so quickly. It's one of "those" classes where you wish you had an extra hour or two because you could really use it. Thank goodness there are open labs.

The view of FIDM from the corner where I parked. Beautiful building isn't it?

How I was feeling.. .

We were assigned the "Value" and "Intesity" scales this week.

See ya next week!




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