Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Holiday Break

I'm taking "Assortment Planning & Purchasing" class on Saturdays for 5 weeks, 6 hours but this Saturday we had the day off due to Easter Sunday so Happy Easter thefidmlife readers = )

Before I began taking this class I was mortified, terrified, and horrified about it. I've dropped out of this class before because I fell behind and I just knew I couldn't pass it, this is my second time taking it. When I signed up for this 5 week class, the only thing on my mind was "just get it over with Anna" but I had second thoughts before I took the first class. I kept on asking myself, my sister, my bestfriend and my parents about wheter or not I should just drop it and take the normal 10 week course or continue with what I signed up for and challenge myself.

I ended up keeping it and challenging myself and guess what, to my surprise, I am doing well. For some reason I just work better under pressure and the pressure of this class really has me going. I for once, is actually understanding all the material and is one of the students who participate in class a lot. I think I'm going to be okay.

Now, time for photos that I have taken through out the weeks that school has gone back in session = ) Enjoy!

Day 1
I thought I was going to be the only wacko dressed like a bum to class but several of my classmates were dressed like hobos too! Haha = )

Day 2
Lining up to sign up for what brand we're doing for our portfolios.

I am so happy they finally enforced this "NO SMOKING" sticker on the tables outside. I am so disgusted by smokers that don't consider those who who dislike it.

My outfit that day = )

Day 3
There are so many great photos from this day so visit my blog for more!

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