Sunday, June 19, 2011

im a new contributor! ANDREINA

Hey everyone! my name is Andreina and i am going to contribute to this blog from now on. I wanted to introduce myself and give you all a little bit of info on me. I am about to enter my second year as a Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing major at FIDM. I did my first year at FIDM in San Francisco which was a lot of fun, but now i am about to start at FIDM in LA which I am very excited about. My blog posts will take you on my journey as a FIDM beauty student and hopefully someone learns a thing or two about FIDM. I am very excited to be writing on this blog. Currently I am in the process of moving soon to LA and it is getting a little crazy. It is not easy getting an apartment in LA, but I will tell you all about that in another post and hopefully someone will enjoy my posts. I am very excited to be showing more about what the beauty industry merchandising and marketing major is like at FIDM. Until next time!

if you wanna get in contact with me you can go check me out on my youtube channel at: or just leave a comment!

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