Thursday, November 5, 2009


Dine…at Liberty Grill on Flower Street… this new renovated restaurant is my little getaway after school; it’s the perfect road side dining not too far from the heart of downtown LA. See … “This is It”… Heard this is a great movie. The new Regal Cinema down at LA Live had a huge grand opening to the premiere of this movie. It’s about time I go see it. I grew up listening and dancing to Michael Jackson and I have to say that I still can’t believe he’s gone. What a legend. Listen… “Cowboy Casanova”… my roommate was jamming to this new tune by Carrie Underwood the other day and it was just so catchy. I wanted to jump in and sing along but I didn’t know the words. My favorite part would have to be, “you better run for your life”.
Looking forward to… Janet Jackson’s Number Ones…this album will feature all her greatest hits including Scream, the duet with her brother Michael, and new song Make Me. I’m also looking forward to November 14th when JIMMY CHOO arrives at H&M.
Not excited about… studying and cramming for MIDTERMS next week. School felt like is JUST started and I’m already stressed out. Next week will be HELL. Oh this FIDM Life...

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