Thursday, March 11, 2010

3/11/2010 - packed hallways

I just ran into a herd of people on campus while I was on my way to class… It is DEBUT weekend and I didn’t see it coming. High school students and visitors from all over are here on campus for the 2010 Fashion Preview. It’s cool that FIDM puts on such events for community members…what sucks it’s that it falls on presentation week. Here I am carrying big boards and supplies for my final presentation and I can’t even get an elevator up to the 5th floor. The school is jammed packed right now, be warned. I was cracking up when I passed by a fellow student who was annoyed about the traffic in the hallways, “I am claustrophobic, somebody move!” Then I hear her pass the crowd saying, “And you know what kills me about all this? They all have tickets to see Debut and I can’t even get my hands on one. I’m a student here!” LOL… That’s all for now.

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Blogger lizextravagent said...

seriously!!!!! my drafting blueprint got a TAD wrinkled with all of the tours happening.

stressful? yes ahhaha gotta love debut and finals

March 11, 2010 at 2:51 PM  

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