Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve in Downtown LA

if you're like me--a working student who can't afford to go home during holiday breaks--you'll probably be in your downtown apartment after a long day at work, wondering what "fun" things to do on the eve of new year. the problem with living in downtown and not having a car is... well, EVEYTHING. you can't go anywhere, you can't do anything... and the bums ... they're just bums. you have a few choices... you can stay where you're at, look at random blogs (write random blogs) or go to the various restuarants/events on 7th, 8th, and 9th streets... oh, how about the new Nokia Plaza with L.A. Live? i gotta run... 2009 is waiting! cheers, everyone. see you back in 2009!!!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meeting the President

I met the founder and president of FIDM, Tonian Hohberg and I almost fainted! Why? Because she's like a major celebrity on campus! We all know of her... but we hardly ever see her around.

Well, one day I was doing my usual errand run and while passing through the busy 2nd floor, I turned the corner and there she was! Right then, I stopped and while looking around for an easy escape, I thought, "Crap! What do I do? What do I say? Where's the exit?!" Too late. She walked towards me, took my hands, and in the sweetest voice, "Hello there, how are you, darling?"

Up close, President Hohberg is so elegant and posh. I gave her my biggest smile this year. (Even bigger than the one I gave to the lady that interviewed me at admissions.) She was so sweet - but I was too nervous to stay. I answered, "Good," then ran off.

One day I'll work up the guts to talk with her and ask her about FIDM... how she built a school from the ground up. It will be 40 years in 2009! If that isn't inspiring, I don't know what it.


Money, Money, Money...

I'm not going to lie, FIDM is expensive! Tuition alone is about $23,000, add Room & Board to the mix and you're looking at about 40 something thousand a year... maybe more.

This year, after filling out my FAFSA (, I got my financial aid letter and I was still about $9,723 short. That is ridiculous. Where am I going to find that kind of money? I spoke with my admissions advisor and she offered an alternative of either taking out a PLUS (parent loan) or a private loan ( I really didn't want to take out ANOTHER loan so I was torn between going to FIDM or moving back home...

Fortunately, it turns out I had some Cal Grants that rolled over and just like that, it covered the rest of my shortcomings. Thank God! Right now I am working part time to pay for housing...

School is expensive, but if this is something you want, you will do what you need to do. It'll be hard now, but it's worth it in the long run. There are options out there, don't ever let MONEY be the factor that stop you from going to college and following your dreams. Make it work!

If you are a prospective student and you don't know anything about financial aid, don't be afraid to ask. Call or email your admissions advisor. They are ALWAYS there and they are willing to help answer any questions. Or leave us a question/comment, We've experienced it, we'll share what we can. ;)


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Annex: where it's happening

I love the Annex, studio East & West - always the best place to use the computer, finish last minute work, or meet with group members. Plus, unlike the library, there's FREE printing at the Annex (this is where I get my money back, haha!!) When you're paying 23+ thousand dollars a year to go to school, take advantage of the resources!


Monday, December 29, 2008

The Christian Dior wall

This wall is a vision! Sketches from the the innovator of fashion, himself. Check it out on the second floor from the main lobby.


Visuals, Visuals...

CSI:NY on parkside campus

The fun thing about living the FIDM life is being on set of a variety of hit tv shows... (and NO, I'm not talking about The Hills) Just a few weeks ago, a scene from CSI:NY and Prison Break were shot on parkside campus. Also, Project Runway was shot at FIDM Annex. Because FIDM is located right on a public park, they are always shooting something nearby and we as students get to hang out and watch... Now, this could be cool or it could be a distraction. You choose.

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Choose Juicy

Juicy Couture Wall Dedication I go to the FIDM Library pretty much EVERYDAY... and you can't get there without passing by this newly dedicated wall to FIDM Grad, Pamela Skaist-Levy's Juicy Couture. Everytime, and I mean, EVERYTIME I pass by this visual display, I feel the urge to touch that peacock. It looks at me with those dark eyes and I just want to pluck one of its feathers. Wouldn't you? Well, trust me... I've tried. And I always - ALWAYS - get caught! I swear, I think the FIDM staff has me on their "WANTED" hit list.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fashion Majors

Get ready. This is only the beginning... Photo: Sketches by Kaeli Davis for "Fashion Sketching 1"

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AX: You Make Me Feel

For my Retail Environment course project, I focused my research on Armani Exchange, specifically, the location on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood. Over the span of 9 weeks, 6 visits, 3 interviews, and 2 blazers from the AX sales rack... my 35-page-paper was finally complete. From the history of Armani, to location evaluation, to target customer, to merchandise assortments, to competitons, the list goes on! I can recite Giorgio Armani's and AX's mission statements in my sleep!

This project was pretty intense, but I enjoyed every aspect of it. If you're going into Merchandise Marketing or Fashion Merchandising... it is vital that you understand the retail business environment. During the course of this assignment, I had to take myself out of a consumer's perspective and work from a retailer's and buyer's point of view.

"You Make Me Feel" was Armani Exchange's Holiday ad campaign slogan for 2008. With the concept of feeling special and making someone else feel special, AX reaches out to their customers during the holiday through a sensual, touchy-feeling, emotional approach. I have always been a loyal fan of AX - the way the tailored jackets narrow my waist and square up my shoulders... I sit a little straighter, I walk a little taller. AX makes me feel...confident, happy, luxe...

But after this project, I am feeling exhausted, sleep-deprived, and broke...

Some words of wisdom: 1.) Details, details, details!! Especially if you're taking Wallace. She's a tough grader. 2.) Pick a brand/designer/store that you actually like... or are loyal to. You'll be more passionate about this assignment and it shows during the oral presentation. 3.) Stay Organize.. it's a hefty load but if you keep your stuff together, it's be alright.

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I want to go to FIDM! Where do I start?

Visit the FIDM offical website: and request info to be sent home. From there, an admission advisor will contact you and personally talked with you about your plans and if FIDM is the right fit. Your admissions advisor will help you with everything, so don't be afraid to ask! You can set an appointment to tour the campus or you can check out the website for days and times of the tours. There's an initial application (with a $25 fee) - then you go home with the rest of the application package: there's the essay, the entrance project (two parts), transcript request, 3 letters of recommendations, and application fee ($200 upon acceptance). Then there's the interview. Be prepared to talk about yourself, your passions, why you want to come to FIDM, and what you plan to do after graduating.

Good Luck! :)

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get your 'ish in when it's due!

If you are a financial aid student, get your Financial Literacy Online assignments completed ON TIME!
Or else, you'll be caught on campus around 6pm, trying to squeeze your late homework under Martha Ramos' door at the last week of school...
Or... you can't register for classes.
Be warned. Don't wait til the LAST Minute!
for more info: check out