Friday, December 31, 2010

Vanessa Williams' dog is still lost! - Help find Enzo!

We are sending a city wide cry for help! Our favorite girl, Vanessa Williams recently lost her dog after the Yorkie, named Enzo, fell down a hill outside the backyard of her Hollywood Hills house during a rainstorm. If you are an animal-lover, you could understand how terrible this must feel. And no one should be going through this... especially during the Holidays!

The singer and actress, who currently stars in the ABC drama series "Desperate Housewives," is calling on fans to help her find her pet. And we are coming to you!

The 4-year-old black & tan, 6-pound, neutered yorkie was last seen on Roscamare Road near Mulholland in Bel Air, California. "He may have lost his collar," a rep says. "We're heartbroken!" Please email or call 323-810-2370 with any information on Enzo's whereabouts. We are all praying for this safe return. Join us for this city-wide search...& help #FindEnzo! For more info, visit Vanessa's Twitter Page.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Quarter FIDM Student TIPS!

Hi! I'm Olivia, and I was invited to join this blog a while ago, but didn't have the courage/info to post anything up until now! The thing that drew me to joining this blog was that I am a Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing major, and there aren't many posts on my major so I wanted to kind of help with that... These are just some tips for people who are going into their first quarter at FIDM. I'm positive there are things I've left out, so feel free to comment with some tips! I hope they help!

1. Don’t count on your teacher knowing your name: I had a teacher that didn’t know my name until week 9. Because you only see teachers once a week, sometimes less if there is a holiday, it is hard for them to get to know you. But here is my suggestion to make yourself stand out. Volunteer/PARTICIPATE a lot in class. If you are constantly raising your hand, the teacher will ask for your name until they know it.

2. Talk to everyone in your classes: I don’t live on campus, so it’s really hard for me to make friends. I’ve kind of been in my shell for this quarter, which I definitely regret. In January I definitely plan on engaging more with my classmates. You never know who may hit it big in the next few years. They might need a job from you, or the other way around. Networking is essential at FIDM

3. Start any final projects the first day you hear about it: for my retail class, we had a huge course project. I was slacking and didn’t start on the binder until the weekend before it was due. I definitely regret that because I had both internet and printer malfunctions when I still had things to do. It’s easy to get ahead of the game when you first hear about a project. You can revise your homework when it’s handed back, buy your binder/folder to display it in, start looking for and printing out pictures, etc. Working at the last minute isn’t good because then you discover after you turn it in, that there are components missing, which happened to me.

4. Use folders for your classes: I bought binders for my classes and they hardly got used. However, one teacher required a folder, so I did it, and ended up finding it much more useful than a binder. I put handouts on one side, and all of my completed work on the other side.

5. Prepare for the worst: be prepared for your computer to not work, your printer to fail, etc. I’d definitely recommend to start printing and organizing important homework assignments a week before it’s due, especially if it’s a final. Carry it on a flash drive or email it to yourself just in case, so you can print it in the annex (free) or library ($) before class.

6. Arrive early: I take the metro to school, and arrive 1-2 hours early to school every day. Plan for traffic, etc. it’s also good to be early to ask the teacher questions, print out work, or do some extra studying. When you appear early in class, it makes you stand out, and may help the teacher remember you. I think there’s a quote somewhere that says “15 minutes early is late”- I’d go by that. Especially because FIDM likes us to be 15 minutes early to class. However, if you have a class right before that in a different building, it’s totally acceptable. Just try your hardest to be early or on time.

7. Wake up at 6am to register: when you have to register for your 2nd quarter on your specified date, you can do it any time in the day or after. I’d definitely suggest going on the portal at 6am to get all the classes you need. First of all, the early bird gets the worm, and second of all, you can see if your internet is working. If you try to register at the last minute and it fails, you’re not registered! But, when you’re registering for 2nd quarter you kind of get shafted because it’s one of the middle/last days to register, so if other students register before you, they may take the class times you need.

8. Don’t let your grades suffer for anything: drop the social life, school is more important. Don’t slack on studying/doing homework. FIDM is only 10 weeks per class/quarter…so it would suck to pay around 1k to take a class you failed. It’s easy to get good grades in classes if you do your work and study a fair amount.

9. Check the newsletter and portal: there was a good opportunity for people in my major (beauty) a few weeks ago. I don’t really read the newsletter, so I saw it the day after it happened, and I was very pissed. FIDM isn’t that great with communicating major-related things in my opinion. So to avoid that, just pick up the newsletter at the beginning of each week.

10. Deal with group projects: always have your end, and if you have a slacker in your group, be prepared to do their part. Keep in touch with all group members and try to have things done early. Always have a back up of any presentations or homework assignments on your flash drive and on your email to eliminate risk of losing the paper/technology failure. Try to get along with all of your group members so it becomes less stressful. But, don’t try to do everything for the group. In a group project I had, I felt like I was putting in too much work compared to everyone else, and it stressed me out, and kind of made me drop the ball in my other classes. Try to keep it as proportionate as possible.

Hope these tips help everyone out! Best of luck!

To hear more from Olivia Frescura about the beauty major at FIDM, follow my blog!

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Friday, December 17, 2010