Saturday, January 31, 2009

asian celebrity

there's a korean celebrity on campus. she's famous in korea.
here, not so much. ahem... not at all.

i hear she's mean. and divorced.

because she's mean.



Friday, January 30, 2009

study sessions

turn into late night slumber partayyyy... the next day, we're running around on energy drinks and 1-3 hours of sleep. boy oh boy.



Diane von Furstenberg"I didn't really know what I wanted to do... but I knew the woman I wante to become. With fashion, I am becoming the woman I have always wanted to be."



my closet is not nearly big enough for all my things... i had to get an extra rack.just a random thought. haha....


form your own fidm community

yeah so we don't really have a legitimate "college experience"... go out there, get to know people, make friends, an build strong relationships on your own. ultimately, that's what college is all about. students are always rushing in an out of class... campus life is almost non-existent on the fidm LA campus. make time to hang around and get to know those around you.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CHANEL: minimalism

Chanel Spring 2009 Couture

mr. fabulous Karl Lagerfeld


Monday, January 26, 2009

good news

fashion week is still happening. maybe not at smashbox studios, but at BOXeight! :)

all hope is not lost.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

fashion smashion


love the fashion cafe!


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios

Please Note: This season MBFW at Smashbox Studios has been postponed due to the current economic climate. As of right now MBFW plan on resuming in October. FIDM Career Center will let everyone know about the October Shows as soon as we get information.



How to find your classroom on the Los Angeles campus

If your classroom starts with:


A  number:  Class is at the Main Building(including rooms such as 300A, 525F, etc).


The letter A:  Class is at the Annex(corner of Olympic and Hope); exit FIDM to the park side, go through the park to Hope, left to first light(Olympic), building is directly across the street.


The letter H:  Class is at 800 S. Hope St(corner of Hope and 8th St); exit FIDM to the park side, right on Hope St, cross 9th St and continue one block to 8th St; building is on the right. 

The letter L:  Class is at the Loft(719 S. Los Angeles St); our second floor Reception Desk has directions as well as parking and shuttle information.

The letter R:  Class is at the Renaissance apartment building; exit FIDM to the park side, go left to the building at the end of the park, look for FIDM sign to the right.



Friday, January 23, 2009

$$$... broke.

i can remember so clearly the early days of visiting, touring, and meeting with my admissions advisor at FIDM. i was excited beyond measure. fidm felt like a dream come true. everyone was so nice, everything was so beautiful, and they really made me believe that i belonged here...

well, why were they so nice? why did they do everything in their power to get us to apply and come to this school? simple. you got the money, you get in. fidm runs on money... best believe it, honey. all new prospective students showing a slight bit of interest for FIDM are walking dollar signs $$$$$$ in the eyes of all fidm employees. ka-ching! y'all, they raise tuition EVERY year... if you ain't broke yet, you will be.

you better make your time there worth it!


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Thursday, January 22, 2009

if you could change one thing about FIDM...

"the equalness in grading - i see students walking out with work that is equivalent to a C but are recieving A's while other students who has a higher-quality work gets a lower grade because the teacher is a tough grader. i find that unfair when some students are working harder and some are not, but still getting a better grade. there's an obvious distinction in the work - teachers and instructors need to follow the same guidelines and collaborate with each other on what is A quality, what is B, and so forth...." -- Michelle S. (Fashion Design, 2nd Quarter)

"certain staff member at FIDM are very unprofessional. that needs to change." -- Carlos B. (Fashion Design, PD)

"the tuition, prices for supplies, and people that work at the student store needs to be a lot nicer." --Megan W. (Fashion Design, 2nd Quarter)

"everything." -- Courtney K. (Digital Media, 2nd Quarter)

"this is my second to last quarter... what have i learned?" --Kayla V. (Visual Communication, 5th Quarter)

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


color hw

merch strategies



lyin' advisors

long nighters

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Color & Design Theory

the color wheel is a pain in the rear end!!!!! i can't get the colors right!


Fashion Sketching II

it's only been two and a half weeks into the quarter and students from fashion sketching TWO are already pulling all-nighters...
Monday night of sketching and mixing prisma-markers...

Sketches by: Carlos Barron, Fashion Design Professional Designation program
Pictured above: Carlos Barron and Jackelyn Dacanay - FIDM students

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Monday, January 19, 2009


"It is inhuman for FIDM housing to throw two 18 year olds out on the streets!" - Mrs. Davis (concerned parent)

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

they are ripping us off!

i'm sorry, did that offend you?

time to get real. fidm ain't all that it's cracked up to be.

want to know why? i'll tell you why...

the chairman of fashion desgin just walked by....gotta run. stay tuned.


Friday, January 16, 2009

FIDM Housing...


here's a snippet of FIDM students going a little... crazy.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

smokin' it up

what's up with fashion people and cigarettes? i swear, i can't pass through the front entrance without enhaling somone's cancerous fume...



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

beauty at night?

Because the Beauty Merchandise Marketing program is fairly small, the instructors usually schedule class meeting hours to what is convenient to them. While registering this winter, I wanted to take all my classes during the day so I can go home early... well, turns out that ONE class I needed to take to graduate... is only offered at night. GRRR.... so much for planning your own schedule. SO... my beauty class is at 6pm at night. That means I don't get out of class until 8:45pm!!! PERFECT. Just.... perfect. --Veronica L.

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Trend Analysis - WI 09

My trend analysis class is pretty chill so far... it's a big class, but it's one that I won't be bored in. Our teacher, Kevin Keele, is pretty much the funniest guy at FIDM. He never fails to make us laugh. Class is always interesting...

I'll keep you updated.

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Bookstore... overpriced!

$6.33 for a notebook?! Are you kidding me? $11.95 for a mini keychain?! What am i, made out of money? $22.00 for a see-thru top?! $13.99 for a small case of needles and thread?! $49.99 for a rolling bag?! at the FIDM bookstore... nothing is cheap!

the scholarship store on the other hand, now that's some discounted prices...


Saturday, January 10, 2009

transferring OUT of fidm - part 1

there are 2 roads to walk down, but only one to choose. if i'm going to do this, i best do it now before it's too late. time to research and find a better and cheaper alternative to fidm...

fidm is way too expensive for me. let's be real. what was i thinking? because i have no family help, no grants left, and no co-signer for a private loan, i can't afford fidm tuition next fall and i will be forced to leave. it's heartbreaking to discover that the school i once thought was a dream come true is now becoming obsolete as a money-absorbing, goals-crushing vortex business. the financial aid office has been no help and my advisors are running out of answers. once again, i am left all alone. i don't even know what to do.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

i already love my teachers!

i have some pretty amazing teachers this quarter! YES!!!! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter 2009 Quarter Begins!

Welcome back, everyone! :)

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


What Parson's and F.I.T used to have over F.I.D.M.

Billboard can be found on 9th and Hope St. - right next to FIDM

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Our Elevators...

FIDM Newsletter says: "Please do not try to stop the elevator doors from closing with your arms, legs, or other parts of your body. This is dangerous and could cause physical harm. Do be courteous to your fellow riders by holding the doors with the door open button on the elevator control panel."
interesting... i could only imagine what made them come up with this rule.



I cannot stress this enough...
Make use of the resources around you. Go to the Annex, go to the Library, go to the IDEA center, go to school... haha...
Seriously, everything that FIDM has to offer, take complete advantage of it.
Personally, I love reading the trends forecast report that they have at the FIDM Library. I would spend hours and hours just studying what style or trend is predicted and what may conquer each new season.


Knit wear

Very COOL stuff...


model behavior

Debut 2009 is coming up real soon! So you'll be seeing some very tall, very skinny, and very gorgeous girls strutting around campus. They are the models for the show and they are here for their fitting... Be careful, some bite!

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Beautiful Campus

Out with the old, in with the new... why the high cost in tuition? AND why the INCREASE in tuition???? Well, you'll see...
I'm so mad, I want to go sign my name on the paint-job, the windows, the doors... "See this? Yeah, I paid for that! And I'm still paying for this now" LOL.


Fashion Books

I go to the museum gallery store just to read the books I can't afford to buy... Or go to the library!


FIDM juggler

Because the FIDM LA building is placed right in front of a public park, we seem some pretty interesting people... The other day, a man was sun-bathing outside on his lounge chair with just his speedo on. Quite a sight... Yesterday, some random juggler man was out in front doing his thang... oh how we students find little things so amusing... ;]

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Damn Leak!

There's a leak in my apartment... from the roof. I live on the 7th floor and the pool is right above us. UH Ohh....yikes!

The contractor called and woke me up so early this morning. They are sawing a hole in my ceiling at this very moment! And here I am blogging! AHHHHHH!! This can't happen! I have school starting on Thursday!

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Monday, January 5, 2009


Sneaking a picture at the FIDM Museum Gallery... haha!


Doing surveys on campus

It's a given that you'll have project or multiple projects in your classes... and many times you'll be put in groups to work on them.

Last quarter for my Marketing Essentials class, my team and I had to come up with a new product and try to market it out to our customers. There's still a lot to learn about this industry, but with a product in mind, we wanted to jump start by trying to get to know who are target consumers are. So... we went all over campus and passed out surveys to all students, staff, and faculty asking aout their use of handbags, bookbags, tote-bags, rolling bags, etc. The results... we're still waiting. :)

Pictured above is one of my team member, Nora....from Norway. She's always so chic!

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get involved in the industry

One way to get involved is at FASHION WEEK! Twice a year is the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles. The FIDM career center always has information on this event and how students can sign up to become backstage dressers, guest check-in, gift-bags stuffers, runway helpers.... or other volunteer opportunities. Don't miss out!

As a journalist for a local LA magazine, I was fortunate enough to attend MB Fashion Week and it was the best experience and the most exciting for a student who is still learning and exploring this industry. I got to meet designers, models, editors, buyers, celebrities... it is quite the scene to be at. After being a part of Kevan Hall's 'Open Door' show, I was hooked. I knew this is where I belong...

Pictured: FIDM Students, AJ & Teri T. with fashion designer and FIDM Alum, Kevan Hall (center).

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V-Com is the name

"Busy, busy, busy," answers Cindy Pineda, 4th Quarter VC, when asked to describe her major.

What should you expect in the classes? "A lot of hands-on projects and a lot of computer classes."

Why VC and why FIDM? "I enjoy playing around with visual displays and presenting a unique message through this form of media. I want to be a visual merchandiser and FIDM has prepared me for that next career."


Beauty major

Getting tips and tricks with Betty Luong, 6th quarter BIMM

FL: What advice would you give a student who is looking into the Beauty Industry Merchandise Marketing program at FIDM?
BL: Be ready for a lot of homework and projects... especially group projects.

FL: What did you do your Entrance project on?
BL: Frangrances.

FL: What are the classes like?
BL: My classes are all interesting, but we take a lot of the same classes as the Merchandise Marketing majors because we do need to understand our retail system and the target market in this industry.

FL: Any favorites?
BL: I've taken some very interesting classes where we learn about SPA, beauty products, health care, nutrition, ingredients, and so forth, but my favorite one was when our teacher taught us how to make home-made organic beauty face cream.

FL: Any last comment?

BL: The cool thing about this major is getting free beauty products and free make-up! When we have presentations, people always bring in great products to give away.


Interior Design - perspectives

"It's a lot of work, but you learn a lot. You will most definitely learn how to draft, that's big. Also, I feel like we use more computer softwares than any other majors ~ Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD, and others. If you are looking into this major, be ready for a lot of projects." --Adriana Miguel, Interior Design (5th Quarter)


back to work!

Just checkin in, y'all. Hope you are all ready for the NEW QUARTER! Orientation starts tomorrow... but we're all going back to work TODAY. I actually have to leave in a few minutes... we got inventory to do at the bookstore.

:) Happy Monday!


our teachers inspire us...

Pictured: Ofelia Montejano Graphic Designer/Illustrator & Instructor at FIDM, Los Angeles


Sunday, January 4, 2009

just so you know...

there are more than one ANNEX locations! there's the Annex (studio east and west) with the computer labs that is right across the street from campus... there's one that is right next to the fashion cafe... and then there's one on HOPE street. :) did i get them all???? yeah, get the right locations when you're looking at your schedule. you don't want to walk into the wrong class and get those awkward stare from everyone...

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fidm is so empty during the holidays...

FIDM Christmas Tree

...gets taken down on Saturday, January 3, 2009 - the weekend before Orientation for Winter quarter.

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