Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nina's New Book

A book dedicated to looking timelessly chic and saving money? Nina Garcia, Project Runway judge and Fashion Editor of Marie Claire, comes to the rescue with her third consecutive book on remaining admiringly stylish and fashion-forward during depressing economic times.

"This book is written to help propel you forward, into that place where style and shopping are one. Neither can thrive without the other pulling its proper weight. Effortlessly balancing the two is your mission."

Part of the growing classic collection from Nina Garcia, which already includes The Little Black Book of Style and The One Hundred, The Style Strategy is a must-have for this season and all seasons!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mrs. Blecks

It's 8:39AM, she’s late. Where is our teacher? It’s bad enough that I have to take this class on a Friday morning, but to wait around in the hallway—still half asleep, wondering if I’ll ever make it through class… this is dreadful. “Selling Techniques” is what they call it – already it sounds boring as hell. All I can think to myself was, ‘what did I get myself into?’

8:42 AM, there she is. Finally. With her black rolling bag following behind her, the blonde A-line, bob-haired lady walks pass the students waiting by the door, “Oh you’re all waiting for me?”

No lady…we just like to stand around here on a Friday morning.

She had a serious face and doesn’t seem to smile much. ‘Oh god, she looks like a mean one….here we go,’ I thought as I walked passed her.

To avoid being too close to Ms. Late* at the front and to avoid being called on in the back, I took a seat in the middle of the room. The usual greeting and introductions took place, not the most exciting, but at least it killed some time.
After a few stories, Ms. Teacher* here didn’t seem so mean—or boring—after all. Actually, she’s quite the funny lady and, dare I say, cool. Once a pro herself, out in the field of being a sales representative, my instructor had so many interesting and inspiring stories. There’s this calm and extraordinary ambiance to her and after all the “what have you’s” she manages to sound so witty and charming. I remember laughing throughout class, even while taking notes. Really? Can class really be educational and fun, all at the same time?!

Ms. Funny Lady* taught us straight from the textbook, but added real stories and humor to the lectures, making class so much more enjoyable. I’ll be honest here…the 2.5 hour period flew by and felt like only 20 minutes. No kidding.

To keep this short, let me say that I truly enjoyed my Selling Techniques class. I definitely learned so much more than I had anticipated. And that’s just the beauty of attending this school. An outstanding faculty defines a college. One of the best things about FIDM is the fact that they hire instructors who are professionals and have incomparable industry experience to teach us. I can’t tell you how invaluable that is.

* Teacher name not disclosed for obvious reasons

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Win Free Tickets to See Katy Perry!

INTUITION is giving away tickets to Katy Perry's Los Angeles show at the Hollywood Palladium presented by and Coca-Cola to the first 50 people that visit the Hollywood boutique beginning Wednesday, August 26th at 10 AM. The store is located at 10581 West Pico Blvd, LA 90064. For more information check out or

That means... get off this blog and go NOW! Good Luck.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

One year down...

Today marks one whole year since I moved to Los Angeles. I can’t believe it. Maybe it’s the double shot espresso I had in my coffee this morning, but the last few months went by so fast, I can’t help but feel like I’ve skipped out on some things… Has it seriously been a year? Halloween, check. Thanksgiving, check. Christmas, check. New Year’s, check. Okay… I remember going through the Holidays, vaguely, but there must be more. I turned 22? When did that happen? Why has everything become such a blur? Maybe it’s the hectic schedule of juggling five classes a quarter and a part-time job, maybe it’s the constant stress of too much to do and so little time, maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, or maybe it’s, again, that coffee kicking in making my mind move a mile a minute. Whatever it is – this year shows no sign of slowing down. Before I can catch my breath, I’ll be walking down to Staples Center to get my diploma from FIDM. Then what? One year down, one more to go… Life at FIDM in this super fast-paced Los Angeles keeps throwing me into a complete whirlwind. So, with my priorities still intact, I plan on making this year worthwhile. Not saying that events need to be life-changing, but I cannot let another year go by with no real, remarkable fulfillment.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

our campus, the beautiful

Photos By: Mia Arcenas

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Rate FIDM Professor

Make sure you check out when you're about to register for classes - it is definitely helpful! Find what classes you need to take, see all the available instructors, read their reviews, and get the best FIDM teachers!

Picture caption: "Although flattering, distinguising me as 'Hot' at Rate My Professor will not help your grade."

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The coming-out stories of anonymous bloggers

Blogger reveals secret identity:

A story I found on CNN today. very interesting...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Attitude is everything.

"I design for the woman who loves being a woman. "
— Diane Von Furstenberg


Li Cari by Jazmin Whitley

House of Jazmin is MTV's newest reality show about Jazmin Whitley, a young designer trying to balance life as a teen and life as fashion pioneer in one of the most competitive industries. Pictured above: Morgan, the best friend and Jazmin, the fashion designer. Catch the show on MTV every Tuesday night!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The most anticipated season of Project Runway makes its debut on Lifetime this week. It all starts Thursday, August 20th at 10pm/9c on the Lifetime network. Don't miss out!

But... you* could be part of the premiere!

The Remedy Lounge invites FIDM as their VIP guests to the Red Carpet premiere of PROJECT RUNWAY.

Thursday, August 20th
6:00pm - 2:00am
The Remedy Lounge
800 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

*Please RSVP in Student Activities, FIDM Los Angeles! Space is limited!

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Style Hunter - Fall 2009

Two-in-One, Half &Half... this season, Fashion has gone Bipolar.

** All photos are property of :)

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Monday, August 17, 2009

“The counselor at my high school told me that I won't get very far because I was poor and because I was Black…” Prince G. Daniels, 57, is an African-American destist and minister, who despite his experience with racism at a young age, fought through to become the successful man he is today.

Full bio to come later...

Real people, real stories, real inspirations...

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Barneys in downtown...

Barneys New York brings warehouse sale to L.A. Convention Center, but rich Westsiders seem to be foreigners of downtown, Los Angeles. Read below an except from the LA Times...

"Not all were happy to traipse east from the Westside. 'I live in the Marina, I never come downtown,' grumbled a 65-year-old man clutching dress shirts and Prada shoes who refused to give his full name. 'I don't even remember where my car is, I'm so confused.'" I found this so hysterical.

The Legendary Warehouse Sale, held for the last 14 years in a hangar at the Santa Monica Airport, has now landed in our side of town. I can't wait to check it out! I live just across the street. But are others willing to drive the extra mile...or even 10 miles for the 50%-75% off?

We will see. But all those who love high-end designer stuff at great deals, the sale continues through Sunday, August 23 at the Convention Center in South Hall K.

Happy Shopping!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Find your enthusiasm

"Bright, sparkling, delicious enthusiasm will get you going in a powerful, purposeful direction. Enthusiasm will keep you going strong even when nothing seems to be going your way."
- R. Marston


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yotam Solomon Brings Sexy Back

It was one of the most anticipated shows at Box Eight Fashion Week. FIDM graduate, Yotam Solomon premiered an exceptional show for his Fall/Winter 2009 runway extravaganza on March 15, 2009 at the Los Angeles Theatre in downtown.

Inspired by the natural environment and the deep ocean, Solomon incorporates both marine and coral enthused shapes and colors in all his clothing. “Many people don’t think of our stunning ocean and seashore when they first think about Los Angeles,” said Solomon. “Yet, we have beautiful beaches and an amazing marine environment—and I wanted to include that in this season.”

Opening the show with a black mini-dress draped over with a sky-blue shawl, followed by a series of classic-cut silhouettes with overstated add-on’s, the entire collection stayed true to Solomon’s signature style of very fitted, body-conscious cocktail dresses with the environment theme in mind. His take in putting sensuality into fashion is displayed with higher hemlines, dramatic décolletage, and body-hugging clothes that do nothing to ignore the woman under them.

There is a sense of minimalism in his collection but the simplicity is broken with complements of unique attachments and elaborations. The embellished panels, the cut-out sleeves, the asymmetrical collars, the shoulder straps, and the full tulip skirt are only some examples of Solomon’s incomparable take on modern-day inspirations. Some standout pieces include the fitted beige mini dress with a cage-like overlaying skirt and the cocktail dress with contrasting front and back bodice and slash-down sleeves.

Working with fabrics like silk and cotton, Solomon conceptualize elements of technology and fashion that are based on conservation of the natural environment. As each ensemble was sent down the runway, the theme of nature and water played a key role in not only the color scheme, but the construction of each garment. From the bold cerulean and oceanic hues representing the deep sea, to the dark tan and deep black representing the rocks and land, the audience was enthralled by each exciting piece from beginning to end.

Mixing minimalism with provocative femininity, Yotam Solomon’s Ocean Collection for Fall/Winter 2009 puts optimism back into fashion without apologizing for it. And in times like these, sometimes a little dose of that optimistic spirit is just what we all need. I applaud Yotam Solomon and I look forward to many future collections from this pioneering FIDM Alum.

For more information on this designer, check out his official website at

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Karl Lagerfeld said...

"The imagination can transform all sorts of personal insanity into elements of self-invention, and you need to make use of this."



Monday, August 10, 2009

L.A. Living

One of the greatest things about moving away to a completely new city is getting the chance to start over. What can be perceived, undoubtedly by others, as the seemingly arbitrary and inconsistent of change, can in fact, be for the better. I’ll be the first to admit that moving out of my parent’s humble country home outside of little ole’ Blandinsville, Illinois, with the population of less than 1000, was hard. Here I am fresh out of high school, both enthusiastic and naïve, thinking that moving to a completely new city in a completely new state would be the change I was looking for. To my surprise, leaving and living so far away gave me the challenge I needed to grow up. Los Angeles is full of life, excitement, entertainment, and always a fast-paced surrounding of non-stop thrill. Not to say that my little modest hometown wasn't exciting, what with all the state fairs and small town gathering, it’s a ball. But here, it’s different. And by different, I mean I could be anyone I wanted to be. I could start over; I could present myself in a new way and not be impetuously judged by my past.
However, with all the hustle and bustle of the big city came the constant distraction of LA living. People who are natives of Los Angeles are probably subconsciously unapprised to this, but LA people live in their own little world. Once you’re here, nothing else exists…or so it seems.
And that was my diversion. I neglected my friends and family, I made excuses about not visiting, I purposedly forget to study, and the list continues. The time I wasted in looking my best, spending my all, and presenting what I am not, and for what? It’s a constant battle to remember to bring my nose and head from the clouds and back to reality. This isn’t me; this isn’t who I want to be. So in the past 9 months of living here, I’ve learned that the greatest thing about moving away to a completely new city is getting the chance to continue on this journey with an open mind and an open heart, all the while remembering where I come from and the very roots that make me who I am. Don't get too lost in the glitz and glam of LA, it's not worth it. I'm just saying.

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Beyond Distraction

Distractions only have the power that you give them. To avoid being overpowered by distractions, see them for what they are.
What is it that resonates with your passion and fires up your positive enthusiasm? Whatever it is, that's the thing to focus upon.

When something interrupts your focus, don't fight it. Simply notice it, quickly decide whether it is worth any more of your precious attention, and if not, peacefully let it go.
Don't get angry or resentful that the distraction happened, and don't become obsessed with something that really doesn't matter. Just take a deep breath, smile as you remember your purpose, and move on.

You don't have to be dragged this way and that by random events and circumstances. You can easily stay clearly focused on your dreams, your goals and your intentions.
Your thoughts are yours to choose, and your attention is yours to allocate. Decide to give your attention to those things that matter most, and move purposefully ahead no matter what.

-- R. Marston

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Major Penny Wars!

Survival of the PENNYful. May the most generous MAJOR win...The Beauty Industry/Merchandise Marketing team is kicking major @#$!

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style sighting, los angeles

* these photos were tipped-off to me from an oustider, whose name cannot be disclosed.


Monday, August 3, 2009

...campus style watch, Los Angeles

...who's wearing what


...on campus, Spring time