Friday, April 13, 2012

The New Edition

Hey whats going on guys?
I'm Ryan Posen! the newest edition to 'The Fidm Life Blog', I started my first quarter at FIDM in winter of 2012, so that can mean only one thing, I am starting my second quarter on April 4th. I am originally from Canada, I lived in Calgary, Alberta so coming to Los Angeles has been a whole new story line! I got accepted 211 days ago, YES I do add up the days for it was one of the most exciting mile stones of my life so far!

I'm here to contribute to "The Fidm Life" by telling my story, and also help out future students decide if FIDM is right for them !


Tonight, we are delighted to have been invited to the 68th Annual LIM College Fashion Show, ''Temporis,'' in New York City. The show is set to feature 30 student models wearing top fashion brands and designers as they come down a student designed runway. 

Hosted by  celebrity fashion stylist Phillip Bloch, the show is produced in its entirety by the Fashion Show Production Club with help from the Styling and Visual Merchandising Clubs.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the LIM Fashion Education Foundation (FEF), an organization that provides financial support to students pursuing an education to further their careers in the fashion industry.

We can't wait! Expect a full report tomorrow!!

The FIDM Life (ALUMNI) NY team

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